TRIBEZ is a confidence boosting Transition Project for Secondary  Schools which helps children get to know the new school environment and teaches children the importance of togetherness, being a positive role model, making friends and contributing to their school community. 

The project includes performance workshops, den building, games, theatre skills, mask making, drum workshops and arts & crafts.

For children in Year 6 and taking place at the new secondary school. Usually in the summer holidays for a week long project and enables them, in a safe, sensitive, inclusive environment, to practically explore issues through performing arts.

We will work closely with you to tailor our project to suit your school. Issues you may wish your pupils to explore are:

  • Choosing and being a positive role model now and in secondary school 
  • Getting to know the school the school environment and staff.
  • Being aware of being in positive groups, avoiding bullying behaviour in school in general and secondary school in particular. 
  • Making a positive contribution to school communities by gaining confidence and speaking out
  • Actively helping - include other children and giving them a voice

The cost of this project varies slightly depending on your particular requirements. Please contact at least 3 months in advance if you would like to talk to us about bringing TRIBEZ to your school.

"Loved the way you were able to adapt to the constraints of the environment and the needs of the young people" D. Evans: Assistant Head Christopher Whitehead Language College, Worcester. 

"You provided a wide variety of excellent activities. Developing confidence in the students showed.  Great opportunities for students to bond, get to know each other and the staff as well as the school environment" Z. Aris: SENCO Christopher Whitehead Language College